Welcome to bojk.eu, the realm of digital terrain within the world wide web that I call home. The urge to plant a flag on this territory emerged as I – back then a biochemical engineer in training – embarked on a Master’s thesis research project at the University of Oxford. After successfully having pursued a PhD in single-molecule biophysics at Delft University of Technology in my home country The Netherlands, I am currently – as of October 2016 – a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University, California, USA. A seperate page on my past and present research interests is on its way, yet many of the blogposts reflect matters that interest me beyond my academic horizons. Naturally, the views and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

historical timeline

May 2017- present: Switching from my old site software package PivotX to WordPress proved more tedious and expected. In addition, the circumstances in which I do my scribblings have also changed somewhat. Where I once wrote  “Verba volant, scripta manent” in a rather jubilant fashion as a starting grad student in 2012, I now find myself in the land of the anything you say write can and will be used against you. Perhaps it is just my unfamiliarity with the local decorum, perhaps losing one’s sense of humor is just part of becoming a professional. Perhaps this is worth a blog post of its own. Either way, my instincts tell me more caution is needed than ever before. Yet not everything I write is controversial or provocative, so I will try to start picking this writing business up again. Oh, and long live password protection on specific posts!

2016: So, now it’s dr. bojk.eu for you. Just kidding. Though I have by now graduated, switched to mainly blogging in English as a result of my growing international circle of close friends, and moved to the Bay Area to slave work as a postdoc at Stanford University. Who would have known back then that I would at some point end up in yet another ‘-ford’? Anyway, same stuff, different times: keeping family and friends updated, personal therapy, and blabbing away on topics of my choosing every now and then.

2012: We hebben een nieuw doel gevonden. Sinds kort ben ik aan een promotietraject aan de TU Delft begonnen, ik vind het toch wel een idee om de buitenwereld (met name de dicht-bij-mij-staande medemens) in wat uitgebreidere bewoording te berichten over het wel en wee van deze wetenschapper in opleiding. Verba volant, scripta manent.

2009: In het leven geroepen om verhalen naar familie en vrienden te sturen over mijn verblijf aan de universiteit van Oxford, is deze site een weblog waar mijn reisverhalen op komen te staan. Als ik in Nederland ben zullen verhalen natuurlijk wat minder regelmatig verschijnen, afgezien van zo nu en dan wat plaatjes om de site niet al te leeg en verlaten te doen lijken. Zodra er weer gereisd wordt of er dingen zijn die echt de moeite van het vertellen waard zijn, zal bojk.eu dit wat uitgebreider berichten.

August 2008: The birth of ‘Bojk in Oxford’: a good old 2000-and-late style weblog to entertain family and friends with the adventures of a young scientist in training at the Hogwarts of academia.