As the sun sets over South Holland

A Great New Adventure Out West starts. More on that later, but for now a small visual tribute to two places very dear to me: a place that taught me how to be a scientist, and a place that stole my heart.

rotown from Fenix

The view from a place I loved to watch the sun go down, perhaps a place known for its touch of champagne socialism, but boy what a fantastic spot. And what about this one, though perhaps not Oxford’s ‘Bridge of Sighs‘ this was taken from, the view is a more majestic one if you ask me:


There I so many things that I could, maybe should, or probably wish I had written about the city of Rotterdam, the city which I had come to call my home during the final stretch of my PhD (and, what turned out to be my final time in The Netherlands, that is). I wanted to have written how I truly love the fact that in many ways this place was the proud antipode to Amsterdam, an unpolished diamond, a harbor city and a place with rough edges, yet culturally rich and beautiful at its core not unlike the beloved city of my teenage years, Antwerp; how this place cuts strait through a lot of the BS so adorned in the capital, a place of doing instead of talking about doing; how it is the only city in the country that has a true metropolitan feel; how, unlike other Dutch cities, this place did not give me the sense of being a mere spectator in my own country, and so on and so forth. In short, how by a historic and gruesome twist of fate this city had become the non-conformist rebel of the Low Countries, and how this place finally made me feel truly at home in my country of birth for the first time in my life. But as with so many things floating around in one’s head, only minute fractions end up in writing. Perhaps for the better, as I was probably too busy enjoying life. Anyway, enough rambling, let’s let the pics do some of the talking:

not quite on a boat

stuff, being built

Of course the bridge has to be part of this tribute. Crossed on foot more than anything else, mostly strolling towards ‘Kop van Zuid’, but also during several races: de bruggenloop in ’14 and ’15, and my one and only marathon in april 2015.

in name of Desiderius

Out west lies the harbor, a couple of great kitesurfing spots, as well as my new home (though arguably a bit beyond the Rotown city limits):

And finally, Delft, good old Delft, the view upon one of my favorite evening hangouts:Doerakking

And an evening view on the new department as I biked off to Rotterdam:

so long BN

A small disclaimer: All photos, with the exception of Delft by night, were ‘shot from the hip’ with a phone. Though very smart, the specimen in question is not smart enough to outpace the quality an SLR camera produces. My humblest of apologies on behalf of my faithful travel companion if the image quality does not meet up to your quality standards.

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