Conference(, no skiing this) time

Ox, is that you?!

Just before my Indonesian adventure took off, I got to present my Tus work to an audience of DNA replication specialists. The thought of going to Egham did not particularly excite me – as google maps quickly taught me the town was situated practically on top of Heathrow’s runways. However, England would not be England were it not that even these kerosene fume filled outskirts of London somehow still have the air of being a Harry Potter movie set. Egham turned out to be home to the Royal Holloway University of London. Never heard of the place, even though it seemed to want to compete with Oxbridge in appearance. Besides this, Windsor Castle turned out to be around the corner and, more importantly: Great Windsor park.

The gang.

Stunning scenery galore. So besides giving that talk, I spent a as many afternoon hours as possible running through the seemingly endless stretches of forest, and across the park’s immaculately kept polo grounds. The free afternoon was spent walking ‘the longest walk’, almost having to fight our way through the herd of deer.

The herd.

They also seem to like titles here:

What about pre-school credentials?

The English and plumbing, if you understand them, please tell me:

What are they thinking?

But besides this, great location

What a dump.

nice confrontation with the local brews:

Row first, drink after.

and good company:

The friends.
Dinner amongst the ancient (on the wall in the background, that is).
The three-pronged mystery left unsolved.

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