I’m on a boat

That’s right, T-Pain is on our side. Don’t you ever forget. We won’t, as epic is the right way to describe this trip – and just what I needed before the Big Write-Up started. A big thank you to Till, Stephan and Velis.

Adios Poros.
Reunited, double LP, world excited.

I mean really, what a great way to relax. Sun and fantastic food galore, being rocked to sleep every night in a star-lit cove, playing water basketball or frisbee or just going for that morning swim, great company all day and some Ouzo to accompany us around sunset. Can’t help but feel spoiled at my first encounter with this way of excaping from life.

F*ck trees, I climb buoys.

The crew.
Ox boys.
Skipper Velis
Morning glory.
Post-dinner chill.
That’s right.
Into the sunset.
Hangin’ around.
In charge.

Keeping up with literature.

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